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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

*"From the first phone call to my recent 5th appt I couldn't give any other Doctor or staff a better review.

I called for the consultation just the call alone couldn't have been more helpful and positive.
My consultation was a wonderful experience. I knew right away I'd choose Dr Jean for my procedure.
He was patient, he listened, he clearly knew exactly what he was doing and what would give me the best results.
He was honest about a second procedure not being worth my money, or time when he could've just done it for the money.
I was very confident, and moved forward with surgery. I am about 12 weeks in and my confidence level has improved tremendously.
Every staff member on his team made me feel like a friend. It's interesting to actually look forward to a follow appointment at a doctors office.
I did my research, have had other procedures before finding Dr Jean , and would recommend him hands down above the rest. "
K C Doylestown, PA

Breast Augmentation

*I am a mom of three young ones and after nursing I was left depleted and could barely fill an A cup bra. I had thought about getting a breast augmentation for a while but was nervous about actually going for it. I could not be more pleased going with Dr. Jean. I left my first consultation with him very excited and optimistic! He took careful time explaining the process and expectations. One of my biggest concerns was choosing the right size for me and Dr. Jean was so patient and kind in walking me through that process. The entire process from start to finish was a great experience. Dr. Jean and his staff really were so helpful in answering any questions and with scheduling my surgery within the time frame that I needed. I am THRILLED with my results. I could not be happier!

CP Harleysville, PA

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

J. F. Paoli, PA

Breast Augmentation

*Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful experience! You and Your staff are amazing! Even after only day 2 post op... you can tell that when you go with the best... you get the best!! No pain... and fantastic results already!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

M.S. Ardmore

Breast Augmentation

*A Very Positive Experience with Breast Augmentation Surgery

After years of feeling self-conscious about having small breasts, I made the decision to have breast augmentation surgery. It was a great decision for me. It is so much more fun to wear a bathing suit and clothing in general, and I feel much more confident about my body image. I had an excellent experience with Dr. Jean and his staff. Dr. Jean is very kind, understanding, and professional. He and his staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable in discussing a very personal matter. The surgery went very smoothly, and there were no complications. Everything was explained very thoroughly in advance, so there were no surprises. I appreciated that Dr. Jean and Annie gave good advice when it came to selecting the type and size of implants. They provided all the information about the options but made it clear that they wanted me to choose what I felt comfortable with. I am very happy with the results and have Dr. Jean and his staff to thank for doing such an amazing job. I get to enjoy having C cup breasts and the confidence that comes with feeling good about your body image. My only regret is that I waited until my forties to have this procedure done.
L.U. Villanova

Breast Augmentation

*I am so grateful to Dr. Jean and his amazing staff for going above and beyond to provide me with excellent care and results when I decided to get a breast augmentation. I never thought about getting a breast augmentation until last year when I suffered a lengthy illness that resulted in substantial weight loss, including my breasts. When I made the decision to get my breasts done I would not settle for anything less than the best doctor. I knew I was in good hands when I told my mom, who is in the medical field, that Dr. Jean was doing my surgery and she was so relieved as Dr. Jean is the doctor many of her patients who have needed stitches have seen in the ER and that all of the parents rave about him, his kindness, and bedside manner. She told me that he is one of the most skilled, respected and kind doctors amongst his peers and was so happy knowing I would be going to the best surgeon.

Dr. Jean and his staff, Annie and Kayla, listened to what I wanted in terms of the size of the implants and spent a lot of time helping me try on different sizes. They have an excellent system that lets you see how each size will look and have great before and after photos. Due to my frame, I decided a "C" would be best for me and the results are amazing and look completely natural. I could not be happier. Any time I had a question before or after surgery, Annie would take the time to talk to me. She is the best and so friendly, smart, and helpful.
I was able to schedule my surgery within two weeks of my consultation and the day of surgery went very well. I had my procedure at Bryn Mawr and the care I received was excellent. You know you have an amazing and respected surgeon when every single nurse I encountered told me that Dr. Jean is the best skilled surgeon and one of the kindest doctors they have ever worked with. Believe me when I tell you that they are right! I also sincerely appreciated that Dr. Jean took the time to call me a few hours after I got home from my surgery to check on me, again, not all doctors take the time to do those things and I think it's really important and further shows how much Dr. Jean cares about the well-being of each individual patient. I love the way my breasts look and am so thankful to Dr. Jean and his staff. If I were to ever have anything else done in the future the only plastic surgeon I would consider would be Dr. Jean. Main Line Plastic Surgery truly is the best, providing amazing patient care in a safe environment and excellent results.
MI 10/18/16


Breast Augmentation

*After spending many years thinking of the possibility of getting breast augmentation, I finally found someone who made me comfortable enough to make the decision to move forward with the procedure and I couldn't be happier about the experience. Everyone at Dr Jean's office makes you feel right at home and provides an extremely comfortable experience to help in making such a big decision. The process Dr Jean uses in facilitating the choice of size was by far the best over previous consultations I've had with other surgeons. Being able to physically try different sizes of implants on my own body gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with the procedure. Dr Jean and everyone in the office really gave me the time and attention I needed to answer all of my questions and did not make me feel pressured or rushed to make the decision. Having never had surgery before, I anticipated that I would be overly nervous and anxious about it, but everyone made me more than comfortable and the facility they use made it a great experience. I would definitely give 5 starts and recommend anyone who has been thinking about breast augmentation go to Dr Jean's office for a consultation. I know you'll be confident in the decision to move forward with the procedure!


Breast Augmentation
*I am a confident professional working woman who originally never thought to ever need or want plastic surgery. However, after having three children and having breast fed them, I truly did not recognize my body. I have always worked out and kept fit but there was one thing I could not erase and that was the look of my chest after having kids and it was actually hurting the self –confidence I was born with. I simply wanted anything that looked close to what I was naturally given and Dr. Jean completely delivered those results. I originally went to Dr. Jean to ask questions but his approach to everything made me feel completely confident and comfortable. He was honest, thorough and wanted to deliver what “I” wanted which was natural and not in any way overdone and he did just that. He and his staff, particularly Annie, took their time at each step, explaining and going back and forth with me, getting to know me that by the time of the surgery I was 100% confident that the results would be in line with what I was looking for and they far exceeded. This was the best decision I have ever made. I am only 40 years old; I have a lot of living to do and now I can continue living confidently as I did prior to kids. I highly recommend Mainline Plastic Surgery and Dr. Jean. Simply amazing results from an incredible staff.


Eyelid Lift and Neck Lift

*On the recommendation of my dermatologist, I interviewed Dr. Jean to perform two cosmetic plastic surgeries. At 62 (and finally doing something for myself), Dr. Jean understood that I wanted to improve my appearance, but not look over done. The results are just what I asked for and are wonderful. I am truly a new woman. He is the kindest person and really cares about your personal satisfaction, unlike a few of the cosmetic surgeons I spoke with-in my eyes, excellent results without the ego. He is honest about the procedure, will not do a procedure if it is risky or it may not meet your expectations. Although this is my first experience with cosmetic surgery, I felt his work was through and artistic. Annie, his office assistant, was also a pleasure to work with-nothing was too much trouble-and I know she has soothed many a nerve pre-surgery, including mine. The entire experience was client centered and both Annie and Dr. Jean make you feel that you are the priority. I would highly recommend Mainline Plastic surgery and Dr. Jean to anyone seeking an improved appearance.

5.0 star rating 2/7/2014

*I met Dr. Jean in the Emergency Room in Bryn Mawr Hospital. I had fallen and had a lacerated lip that needed stitches. Dr. Jean was wonderful - he did a terrific job and reassured me that given a little time my "scar" wouldn't be noticeable. My follow up appointment at Main Line Plastic Surgery one week later went very well. His staff was not only professional, but also delightful to work with.....and my lip is looking almost normal.

5.0 star rating 5/13/2014

*Dr. Jean and his staff are professional, courteous and very caring. I had a mole removed on my chin and a nevus removed from my hand. Dr. Jean was awesome! Not only did he do a great job on both procedures, but his staff called every week to make sure I was ok and that the healing was going well. I would recommend Main Line Plastic Surgery to anyone and everyone!

5.0 star rating 5/3/2013

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*We recently saw Dr. Jean at Bryn Mawr hospital. We were there after our daughter had an accident and cut her nose/lip area. The plastic surgeon on call that night was Dr. Jean. This was the first time we had to visit the ER for one of our daughters, and needless to say, we were worried and anxious about a potential scar, given that her injury was on her face. We were instantly put at ease by Dr. Jean- who explained what he was going to do, and informed us that something similar had happened to one of his children. My husband and I both watched him stitch up our daughter, and felt so much better when we saw how competent and professional he was.

He did an amazing job- even better, unlike many physicians, Dr. Jean was approachable, kind and compassionate during a very stressful time for us. We would highly recommend him to anyone.

5.0 star rating 3/25/2013

Botox, Restylane, Juvaderm

*Dr. Jean, with Main Line Plastic Surgery is the best plastic surgeon in the Penn/Philadelphia area. I am from N.Y. and am used to getting excellent results from both botox and fillers. Unfortunately, my search for the type of service and expertise I am used to, took two years. I have been to numerous surgeons on both the main line and the city, and was not happy until I went to Dr. Jean. His work is perfection.Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA

Excellent hair laser service- warm & friendly staff, personal attention, and most importantly- highly qualified & knowledgeable.


Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*My daughter was elbowed during a basketball game and needed stitches by her eyebrow. The pediatrician at the hospital recommended that, if possible, we wait for a plastic surgeon to repair her laceration. Dr. Jean was called and he agreed to come in and was there in 30 minutes as promised. He was kind and gentle and explained the entire procedure to us before starting. His office manager called the next day to see how she was doing. When we went to his office to have the stitches removed we were greeted by a happy person (so rare these days) and in an out in record time. A super experience.

*My almost 4 year old needed stitches in her lip after a fall and we insisted on a plastic surgeon do them at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Dr. Jean was called into the ER. He came in immediately and was very kind to us. He said he was going to treat her like he would treat his own kids which put me at ease. He was very honest in his explanation of the procedure to my daughter which helped calm her and prepare her for what was going to happen. We were scheduled to do a follow up in 7 days but when I concerned about the stitches the Doctor and Annie (his assistant who is wonderful) did not hesitate to accommodate me the same day to have her reevaluated. I would definitely without hesitation recommend Main Line Plastic Surgery to anyone!

*I am happy to write a review to recommend Dr. Jean to anyone who may be in need of a plastic surgeon. I met Dr. Jean in the emergency room after my 4 year old son ran - head first - into a radiator. He was excellent with my son and explained everything he was going to do to him as he did it. I found that his reassuring and honest approach was a great help in reducing my son's anxiety as he was getting stitches. We followed the hospital's discharge instructions and met with Dr. Jean at his office one week later. His staff is wonderful and very helpful. My son is doing well and I am confident that if we would need Dr. Jean's services again, he would make himself readily available. THANK YOU!

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*We had a wonderful experience with Dr Jean. Our 2 year old son had a crush injury to his finger & suffered deep lacerations to the nail. Dr Jean was very reassuring & kind when he met us in the ER as we were all very upset & anxious. He did an amazing job & my son's finger already looks 100 % better. His office staff is great too! They are very helpful & go above & beyond to accommodate your needs!

*I saw Dr. Jean recently who removed a lesion/deep scar tissue from my face. I originally wanted to get it done at dermatology who suggested I go to plastics instead because of the location and the depth of the scar tissue. I was hesitant and worried of having this removed at all because of different stories from others that I had heard about dermatology removing moles and such then leaving bad scars. This was something I wanted removed for a long time so I was suggested to Dr. Jean who did a wonderful job and had awesome bedside manner. He removed it pain free in less than 15 minutes with minimal scarring left behind. Annie in the office was also so helpful and kind, she got me into the office quickly and also helped put my nerves to ease about having something on my face removed. I would absolutely recommend this practice and know where I will be going for any future plastics needs!!

*Though I did not elect to have cosmetic surgery - rather, I was in need of surgical incision of my lip for the purpose of abscess removal - I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Jean. Not only is his office the most classy doctor's office I've ever set foot into, but he was very kind, friendly, and patient every step of the way. If I ever have to go under the knife again (and hopefully I don't, but you know how life does), I would feel comfortable to return to Dr. Jean's table.

*We recently saw Dr. Jean at Bryn Mawr hospital. We were there after our daughter had an accident and cut her nose/lip area. The plastic surgeon on call that night was Dr. Jean. This was the first time we had to visit the ER for one of our daughters, and needless to say, we were worried and anxious about a potential scar, given that her injury was on her face. We were instantly put at ease by Dr. Jean- who explained what he was going to do, and informed us that something similar had happened to one of his children. My husband and I both watched him stitch up our daughter, and felt so much better when we saw how competent and professional he was. He did an amazing job- even better, unlike many physicians, Dr. Jean was approachable, kind and compassionate during a very stressful time for us. We would highly recommend him to anyone.

*"I was able to get an appointment for my son to have two small cysts removed from his hand within one week of my call to the office. The office staff was kind, efficient and easy / comfortable to talk to. Dr. Jean was TERRIFIC. He was professional, empathetic, and responsive to our questions. Everything about the people in this practice is TOP NOTCH! The cosmetic result will be excellent."

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA

*"I would recommend this place to all. I had my skin checked and spots removed. I could not be happier with the outcome. Scheduling was easy and they had office hours that worked with my schedule. The doctor and office staff is great!"

*"I am a patient of Dr. Raymond Jean that has recently underwent plastic surgery and there aren't enough wonderful things I could say about my experience! My case was rather complex, and one that I had major insecurities about. I had been for other opinions that were very discouraging and gave me little hope that I would ever look "normal". Thankfully, Dr. Jean came highly recommended to me and I decided to give him a call. I knew from the initial warmth and efficiency of his receptionist that I had made the right decision. Dr. Jean was extremely professional and very meticulous in handling my situation. My surgery went amazingly! You can tell what an expert he is because my results far surpassed my expectations. Dr. Jean and his staff made me feel so comfortable from my consultation, through surgery, and now at all my post-op appointments. I am so grateful for this experience as it has truly changed my life!"

*"I saw Dr. Jean after a severe finger tip injury. He was very accommodating, and was even able to fit me in for a last minute appointment. He was very thorough in explaining the nature of the injury and treatment. Very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jean."

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"We saw Dr. Jean at Bryn Mawr Hospital when my son needed stitches on his face. He was great at communicating to us what he was going to do & made sure my young son knew what to expect*. We left the hospital with a clear understanding of how to proceed & the follow-up visit went very smoothly. He is knowledgeable & respectful, as is his office staff. We definitely would recommend him to others."

*"I went to see Dr. Jean after I was told I needed a few moles biopsied. Since this was the first time I needed something like this done, I was very nervous. I called and made an appointment with his assistant who was so kind and helpful, getting me an appointment right away. When I got there, Dr. Jean didn't simply biopsy the moles I was told about, he went above and beyond, giving me a full scan and actually found another mole that he thought looked suspicious. He did a fantastic job; you can hardly see where he had to biopsy. I would recommend Dr. Jean over and over again - in fact I did. My dad went to Dr. Jean to get a dark spot biopsied and removed from his lip. He too had a fantastic experience with Dr. Jean and his staff. My boyfriend will be there next week to have his moles biopsied. I will definitely be returning to Main Line Plastic Surgery for any future procedures."

*"I recently came to see Dr. Jean for a chin implant placement after having previous reconstructive jaw surgery. He was extremely helpful in giving me his opinions and knowledge on different procedures and material options. He answered any questions I had and even answered questions over the phone after the consultation. The surgery went well and he called to check on my post-op recovery. Dr. Jean and Annie are extremely helpful, professional and made me feel completely comfortable. I am ecstatic with the results and so happy I found his office. I highly recommend Main Line Plastic Surgery to anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon!"

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"My son was rushed to the Bryn Mawr ER after getting elbowed in the face at a High School Basketball game. With the impact he had bitten through his lip. He was in need of stitches. Dr. Jean was called into the ER. My son was very anxious and unnerved by the incident. Dr. Jean's bedside manner and swift assessment of the situation was impressive. He made my 16 year old relax immediately and his humor made the situation less intense. We visited Main Line Plastic Surgery for a follow up. We did not wait long and Annie was very helpful. She also put a nervous teen at ease. I would definitely recommend Main Line Plastic Surgery."

*"Dr Jean is an amazing surgeon. My daughter fell and injured her mouth. Her injury required the expertise of a plastic surgeon. I feel so fortunate to have met Dr Jean as he was the one who met us at the hospital and repaired my daughter's lip. After such a traumatic event, my daughter and I were put to ease quickly by Dr Jean's kindness, patience, and skills. He was so precise in his surgery and the result is absolutely outstanding. I am very grateful to him. His staff is also wonderful. I would highly recommend him to family and friends."

*"Dr. Jean was recommended to me by the ER after I received 14 stitches in my dominant hand. I had complete confidence in him from the moment he first walked into the room- which was barley 5 minutes after I arrived! He was extremely professional and spent an ample amount of time addressing the injury and every one of my concerns. A special thank you to Annie, as well, who not only went out of her way to schedule my appointment immediately, but also filled out all the paperwork for me when I arrived!!!. I will happily continue to drive over 30 min for my follow-ups and would recommend Dr. Jean's office to anyone."

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"Thank you so much for fixing me up. If you had not done it I would probably not be happy right now. You did an amazing job".

*"Last month I suffered an injury to my face above the eyelid and went to Bryn Mawr Hospital on a Sunday. I requested a plastic surgeon and the only one who would come in was Dr. Jean. Lucky me! He did such a great job that you cant even see a scar were he sutured me. Simply amazing! I have subsequently had him do some other surgery and it went perfectly. Good guy, great Doc. Glad he decided to relocate to the Main Line. No pretension whatsoever. "

*"I went to see Dr. Jean after the tip of one of my digits was almost completely cut-off. When I arrived at the office I was quite nervous, since I hate needles. It didn't take long for Dr. Jean's warm and friendly bedside manner to put me at ease. He quickly evaluated my injury and began repairing it. Dr Jean did a fantastic job on my injured digit and the area is now completely healed and looks wonderful. While I hope to never again have an injury like this, at least I know where to go for superb care. Thanks Dr. Jean! "

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication. I sincerely appreciate the effort that has been taken in regards to my health. And a special thank you to AJ, Stacey and Dr. Jean. I owe you my life..."

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"Dr. Jean, I just want to thank you for a fantastic experience with the breast reduction surgery. Everything went to smoothly - from pre-op to post-op. It makes me wonder why I didn't do this years ago! Over-all, I am VERY HAPPY with the outcome! Thank you."

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"Dear Dr. Jean & Staff, I wanted to thank all of you for your kindness and gentleness you provided during my mother's visit. She was very happy and please with your care. We so often only hear negative reports. I wanted you to know you offered a very positive experience at her appointment! Thanks"

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"Dr. Jean, Can't thank you enough for being so kind and understanding with my husband!"

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"Dr. Jean - Thank you so much for your wonderful work! I hope your girls look like dolls in their new Momi Boutique! the dresses should fit the girls for quite some time & later on fit as tops as they grow! I hope you & your family enjoys & thank you again for your surgical expertise!"

Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA*"Dr. Jean, Stacy, Thank you! My recent surgery has literally changed my life and I will be forever grateful! From every phone call, many appointments, and a lot of questions, my experience has been wonderful, pleasant, and very appreciated. Thank you."

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