Fat Transfer and Injections in Philadelphia, PA

As you grow older, you may notice fatty deposits settling in certain areas. At the same time, you may be bothered by a loss of volume in other places. Fat transfer and injections can solve both of these issues at once and can easily be performed by board-certified physician Dr. Raymond D. Jean of Main Line Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jean welcomes patients in Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, and other nearby areas in Pennsylvania who are interested in the fat transfer and injection procedure.

What are Fat Transfer and Injections?

A fat transfer and injection is a procedure that targets fat in a problem area by removing it through liposuction. Next, that same fat is processed for injection into another area of your body in order to provide more volume. Fat transfer and injection procedures are highly customized; however, Dr. Jean frequently takes fat from the love handles, thighs, or abdomen, and places it in the lips, breasts, buttocks, or back of the hands.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Fat Transfer and Injections?

If you have ever wished you could slim down one area and plump up another, you could indeed be a good candidate for a fat transfer and injection procedure.

Planning your Fat Transfer and Injections Treatment

Fat transfer and injections is a two-fold process that must often be performed under general anesthesia or two sets of local anesthesia. As such, it requires a bit more time in our office, in addition to a longer recovery period afterwards. Keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment and arrange for some time off from work if necessary.

How are Fat Transfer and Injections Performed?

Dr. Jean will first administer anesthesia so that the area where he is performing liposuction will be fully numb. After making a small incision, he will then suction away fat cells into a canister. *These fat cells are then purified by using a centrifuge to “spin” the fat and separate impurities. The result is a very liquefied product, which can then be placed into a syringe and administered where needed.

Dr. Jean will place tiny droplets in multiple spots using a “threading” technique to ensure even placement. He may also massage your tissues very lightly to aid with the smooth distribution of fat cells.

How Much Do Fat Transfer and Injections Cost in Philadelphia?

Medical spa procedures such as fat transfer and injections are highly customized, meaning that a number of variables are used to calculate the price. In addition to payment through cash, personal check, and major credit/debit cards, we also accept CareCredit® financing. CareCredit® works like a credit card, offering low-interest rates and easily affordable payments to help you afford fat transfer and injections on your terms.

What to Expect* after Having Fat Transfer and Injections

*The area where fat was removed will be visibly slimmer right away. *You will also notice more volume in the area where fat was placed, although it may take some time for replaced fat cells to fully plump themselves. As such, you will notice a gradual increase in volume over the next few weeks.

Recovering from Fat Transfer and Injections

Both areas of your body may be sore and subject to bruising. Lightly massage these areas a couple of times each day to promote healing and reduce stiffness. Moderate exercise is also recommended to help with circulation and prevent blood clots from forming.

It really is possible to correct more than one problem area during a single visit to our office, thanks to the fat transfer and injection procedure. Dr. Raymond D. Jean invites you to contact Main Line Plastic Surgery for a consultation if you are in Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, or another nearby area in Pennsylvania.


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