Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

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Many of our patients are bothered by the size, shape, position, or protrusion of their ears. These individuals often choose otoplasty to reduce the prominence of their ears and improve their appearance.

What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a type of ear surgery that changes the appearance of the ears. It may be performed to:

  • Correct differences in size
  • Change how the ears protrude from the head
  • Rectify damage due to an injury, over-piercing, or gauging
  • Modify the shape of the ears
  • Raise or lower one ear so it is the same height as the other

Am I a Good Candidate for Otoplasty?

You may wish to undergo otoplasty surgery if you are bothered by the way your ears look or have suffered ear damage due to an accident or illness. You should not have any active ear infections or be recovering from another procedure such as ear tube surgery.

Planning Your Otoplasty Surgery

Children should wait until their ears have stopped growing. However, most healthy adults can easily undergo otoplasty. Dr. Jean will advise whether or not you need pre-operative bloodwork or should stop taking certain medications such as blood thinners.

How Is Otoplasty Performed?

Each otoplasty surgery is different since no two people have the same exact problems with their ears. Dr. Jean may use skin or cartilage grafts to fill in certain areas of the ear or trim away excess tissue to provide a more pleasing shape. The exact technique will be discussed with you in greater detail during the consultation phase.

What to Expect after Otoplasty

It may take some time for your ears to return to normal. Most patients are able to notice final results at or before the two-month mark following surgery. Individual results do vary and are based upon a number of factors, including the exact technique used by Dr. Jean.

Recovering from Otoplasty

Wearing hats, ear muffs, and earphones may be uncomfortable for about a week or so, which is why we advise our patients to avoid them. At the same time, you should protect your ears from the cold, meaning you may want to limit the amount of time you spend outdoors. If you must go outside, use a loose-fitting scarf to cover your ears rather than a snug stocking cap or ski mask.

Ear surgery performed at Main Line Plastic Surgery can dramatically change the way you feel about yourself. We invite you to schedule a consultation if you are in Philadelphia, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, and other nearby areas in Pennsylvania. Text or Call today!

* Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the procedure, and the aftercare program.

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