Breast Augmentation in Philadelphia, PA

Women in Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, and Bala Cynwyd, PA, who have naturally small bosoms often feel unattractive, and desire a breast augmentation to help them gain volume. These patients depend on the skilled hands of Dr. Raymond D. Jean of Main Line Plastic Surgery to provide them with superior results.

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What is a Breast Augmentation?Main Line Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery involves placing implants below the breast tissue to increase the size of your breasts. It is one of the most common body procedures performed here at Main Line Plastic Surgery.  Dr.  Jean performs breast augmentation on patients from Philadelphia, The Main Line, Bryn Mawr, and surrounding communities.  Breast Augmentation can be performed with silicone breast Implants or saline breast implants.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Augmentation?

You may be a good candidate if you desire larger breasts and do not have any underlying conditions that would prohibit you from having surgery.

Planning your Breast Augmentation Surgery

We recommend scheduling your breast augmentation for a time when you are able to take it somewhat easy afterwards. This might mean requesting some time off from work if your job requires a great deal of heavy lifting, bending, or reaching your arms over the top of your head.

How is a Breast Augmentation Performed?

This procedure requires an incision in one of the following locations:

  • Underneath the armpit
  • Around the areola
  • Below the bottom crease of your breast

A pocket will then be created for the implant to sit in. This pocket may be over top of the pectoral muscles or directly behind them. Placement will depend on the type of implants you choose, your anatomy, and the exact look you are aiming for. Once the implants are placed, Dr. Jean will stitch your internal tissues together in order to hold them in place, and then your outer skin will be sewn shut as well.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Philadelphia?

Plastic surgery procedures such as a breast augmentation are highly customized, meaning that a number of variables are used to calculate the price. In addition to payment through cash, personal check, and major credit/debit cards, we also accept CareCredit® financing. CareCredit® works like a credit card, offering low-interest rates and easily affordable payments to help you afford a breast augmentation on your terms.

What to Expect* after a Breast Augmentation

After your procedure, you will enjoy greater breast volume and will feel more *confident and feminine than before.

Recovering from a Breast Augmentation

You will need to avoid strenuous activities for a *week or so following surgery. Even so, light exercise such as walking is encouraged in order to improve blood flow and to activate your body’s healing processes.

If you are frustrated by your lack of breast volume, contact Main Line Plastic Surgery to find out if a breast augmentation might be right for you. We proudly serve patients from throughout the Main Line area in Pennsylvania, including the cities of Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, Wayne, and Upper Darby, as well as Cherry Hill in New Jersey.


Reviews From Breast Augmentation Patients


*Dr. Jean performed my breast augmentation surgery and I could not be more thrilled with the results! I am a mother of two small children, and after nursing both of them, combined with a very active and athletic lifestyle, I had lost most of the volume of my breasts. I explained to Dr. Jean that I wanted a natural and more fuller appearance and he was unbelievably attentive and sensitive to all of my thoughts, questions and concerns. He made me feel comfortable about a procedure that, although I had been thinking about for years, was still a little scary. He was always available for any question or concern that came up for me, even the day before my surgery. He never made me feel like my questions were an inconvenience or invalid. I would highly recommend him for your surgical procedures. He is amazing and is results are fantastic!

LJ  Newtown Square, PA

*I am a mom of three young ones and after nursing I was left depleted and could barely fill an A cup bra. I had thought about getting a breast augmentation for a while but was nervous about actually going for it. I could not be more pleased going with Dr. Jean. I left my first consultation with him very excited and optimistic! He took careful time explaining the process and expectations. One of my biggest concerns was choosing the right size for me and Dr. Jean was so patient and kind in walking me through that process. The entire process from start to finish was a great experience. Dr. Jean and his staff really were so helpful in answering any questions and with scheduling my surgery within the time frame that I needed. I am THRILLED with my results. I could not be happier!
CP, Harleysville, PA


*Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful experience! You and Your staff are amazing! Even after only day 2 post op... you can tell that when you go with the best... you get the best!! No pain... and fantastic results already!!! Xoxoxoxoxo
MS, Ardmore


*I am so grateful to Dr. Jean and his amazing staff for going above and beyond to provide me with excellent care and results when I decided to get a breast augmentation. I never thought about getting a breast augmentation until last year when I suffered a lengthy illness that resulted in substantial weight loss, including my breasts. When I made the decision to get my breasts done I would not settle for anything less than the best doctor. I knew I was in good hands when I told my mom, who is in the medical field, that Dr. Jean was doing my surgery and she was so relieved as Dr. Jean is the doctor many of her patients who have needed stitches have seen in the ER and that all of the parents rave about him, his kindness, and bedside manner. She told me that he is one of the most skilled, respected and kind doctors amongst his peers and was so happy knowing I would be going to the best surgeon.
Dr. Jean and his staff, Annie and Kayla, listened to what I wanted in terms of the size of the implants and spent a lot of time helping me try on different sizes. They have an excellent system that lets you see how each size will look and have great before and after photos. Due to my frame, I decided a "C" would be best for me and the results are amazing and look completely natural. I could not be happier. Any time I had a question before or after surgery, Annie would take the time to talk to me. She is the best and so friendly, smart, and helpful.
I was able to schedule my surgery within two weeks of my consultation and the day of surgery went very well. I had my procedure at Bryn Mawr and the care I received was excellent. You know you have an amazing and respected surgeon when every single nurse I encountered told me that Dr. Jean is the best skilled surgeon and one of the kindest doctors they have ever worked with. Believe me when I tell you that they are right! I also sincerely appreciated that Dr. Jean took the time to call me a few hours after I got home from my surgery to check on me, again, not all doctors take the time to do those things and I think it's really important and further shows how much Dr. Jean cares about the well-being of each individual patient. I love the way my breasts look and am so thankful to Dr. Jean and his staff. If I were to ever have anything else done in the future the only plastic surgeon I would consider would be Dr. Jean. Main Line Plastic Surgery truly is the best, providing amazing patient care in a safe environment and excellent results.
MI, Havertown, PA


*He was honest, thorough and wanted to deliver what “I” wanted which was natural and not in any way overdone and he did just that.
This was the best decision I have ever made. I am only 40 years old; I have a lot of living to do and now I can continue living confidently as I did prior to kids. I highly recommend Mainline Plastic Surgery and Dr. Jean. Simply amazing results from an incredible staff.
By the time of the surgery I was 100% confident that the results would be in line with what I was looking for and they far exceeded.
After spending many years thinking of the possibility of getting breast augmentation, I finally found someone who made me comfortable enough to make the decision to move forward with the procedure and I couldn't be happier about the experience. Everyone at Dr Jean's office makes you feel right at home and provides an extremely comfortable experience to help in making such a big decision. The process Dr Jean uses in facilitating the choice of size was by far the best over previous consultations I've had with other surgeons. Being able to physically try different sizes of implants on my own body gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with the procedure. Dr Jean and everyone in the office really gave me the time and attention I needed to answer all of my questions and did not make me feel pressured or rushed to make the decision. Having never had surgery before, I anticipated that I would be overly nervous and anxious about it, but everyone made me more than comfortable and the facility they use made it a great experience. I would definitely give 5 stars and recommend anyone who has been thinking about breast augmentation go to Dr Jean's office for a consultation. I know you'll be confident in the decision to move forward with the procedure!
EB, Philadelphia, PA


*A Very Positive Experience with Breast Augmentation Surgery
After years of feeling self-conscious about having small breasts, I made the decision to have breast augmentation surgery. It was a great decision for me. It is so much more fun to wear a bathing suit and clothing in general, and I feel much more confident about my body image. I had an excellent experience with Dr. Jean and his staff. Dr. Jean is very kind, understanding, and professional. He and his staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable in discussing a very personal matter. The surgery went very smoothly, and there were no complications. Everything was explained very thoroughly in advance, so there were no surprises. I appreciated that Dr. Jean and Annie gave good advice when it came to selecting the type and size of implants. They provided all the information about the options but made it clear that they wanted me to choose what I felt comfortable with. I am very happy with the results and have Dr. Jean and his staff to thank for doing such an amazing job. I get to enjoy having C cup breasts and the confidence that comes with feeling good about your body image. My only regret is that I waited until my forties to have this procedure done.
LU, Villanova


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