Body Lift


It’s not unusual for people to have a disproportionate upper or lower body, or a great deal of sagging skin in more than one problem area. For these patients, a body lift performed by Dr. Raymond D. Jean of Main Line Plastic Surgery could be in order.

What Is a Body Lift?

A body lift is a procedure that reduces sagging skin and fat from more than one area of the body at a time. It is often performed on individuals who have experienced significant weight loss, either through dieting or as a result of gastric bypass surgery. It may also be chosen by those who are very close to their ideal weight but need help toning more than one problem area.

Lower Body Lift

A lower body lift is the type most often chosen by our patients in Philadelphia. Known as a belt lipectomy, it targets fat in the lower abdominals, buttocks, groin, and thighs. It is an excellent procedure for those who have sagging skin in the groin area that droops onto the top of the thigh or an abdomen that extends below the pubic hair line.

Upper Body Lift

An upper body lift targets the arms, back, chest, and waist, removing loose, flabby skin and “fat rolls” that often appear in these areas. It does not affect the breast area, so women who would like to reduce the size of their breasts should consider a breast reduction, and males who are bothered with “man boobs” should speak with Dr. Jean about gynecomastia surgery.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Body Lift?

If you have lost more than 100 pounds, it may be impossible for you to tone your body unless the excess skin is removed. In this case, a body lift can help you complete the process of fundamentally transforming your life and your body.

Planning Your Body Lift Treatment

Both types of body lifts can require an overnight stay in the hospital, and you may have some difficulty getting around once you return home. As such, we recommend taking a week or two off from work whenever possible.

How Is a Body Lift Performed?

Dr. Jean will make incisions in predetermined areas of your body so that he can access skin and fat. He may also need to perform liposuction if you have more fat cells than usual in a particular area. He will close your outer skin with sutures, which will then be covered with a gauze bandage and/or compression garment.

What to Expect* after a Body Lift

Your smaller contours will be visible right away, even before you remove your compression garment. You will notice fewer fat rolls after having an upper body lift, and will no longer have to worry about sagging skin over the top of your thighs or groin once your lower body lift is complete.

Recovering from a Body Lift

Dr. Jean recommends light exercise as soon as you feel up to it, but discourages strenuous activity until the end of your recovery period, which could be between four and six weeks.

If your workout plan has left you discouraged, it may be time to consider a body lift at Main Line Plastic Surgery. Patients in Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, and other nearby areas in Pennsylvania are encouraged to contact us now to schedule a consultation, or call 484-222-0010 to speak to a member of our team.

* Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the procedure, and the aftercare program.