When is the Right Time to Get Breast Augmentation?

Reasons to consider breast augmentation this winterIf you are considering breast augmentation, experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Raymond Jean can help you decide the best time for you to start the journey. Schedule a consultation to find out what goes into the planning and preparation. Every woman has her own unique circumstances and demands related to work, family, and other parts of her life. Dr. Jean wants to make sure you feel good about the timing and ready to confidently proceed.

Finding the Right Time

In terms of the scheduling/timing of breast augmentation, items to plan for include:

  • A recovery period following surgery
  • Scheduling pre-operative and post-operative appointments at our practice
  • When you want your results ready to show off

This time of year – the autumn and winter – can be a great time to schedule breast enlargement surgery. With summer social activities and vacations winding down, you may find it easier to schedule the time required for the augmentation process. Fall and winter can also offer some special perks for the recovery aspect, mainly that you can bundle up and conceal swelling during sweater weather! Cozy up inside with a good book or a movie, whereas summer sometimes involves sleeveless tanks, bikinis, and lots of activities with friends and family.

Breast Augmentation Candidacy

In terms of your candidacy in other matters, there are several things to consider:

  • Emotional maturity
  • Physical maturity
  • Preparedness to understand the risks and benefits of surgery
  • Your overall health
  • What you want to achieve with breast surgery (increased size, reduced size, lifted breasts, etc.)

Dr. Jean will review all of these factors with you in-depth during your consultation. First he will want to have a discussion with you about your goals and what changes you are hoping to make to your breasts. By listening fully and completely to what you have to say, Dr. Jean can better understand whether breast surgery is a good fit for you.

Learn More About Breast Enhancement

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of the Main Line of Philadelphia and you’re interested in breast augmentation, please arrange a consultation with Dr. Jean by calling us at our Bryn Mawr practice, at 484-222-0010. We look forward to helping you decide if this procedure is right for your goals!

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