Top Cosmetic Procedures to Consider in 2022

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As we round the corner on a new year, it’s a good time to treat yourself to the cosmetic rejuvenation you’ve been imagining! It’s been a tough couple of years as the pandemic has changed so many aspects of our lives. It remains to be seen what exactly 2022 has in store for us, but many people are considering stepping into the new year with confidence, poise, and renewed vitality.

For people who have chosen cosmetic surgery, the procedures can be a great way to get that boost of feeling great about the way you look. Here are some of the procedures that tend to be the most popular:

  • Breast surgery. From enlarging the breasts, to lifting them, to reducing their size, there is a wide range of breast surgeries. Your breasts can be an important part of your identity and the way you carry your body. With breast surgery performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, you can renew your confidence in your breasts!
  • Facial surgery. Our faces are so important to communication and the way we interact with the world. Facial surgery can bring features into proportion with each other, and combat sagging and the signs of aging that appear on our faces.
  • Body surgery. Body procedures can tighten loose skin, remove excess fat and skin, define the contours of your frame, and so much more. Sometimes diet and exercise are simply not enough to achieve the toned, defined physique you want, and body procedures may be the right way to fine-tune certain areas.
  • Non-surgical services. Non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments are really popular in the U.S. today. They involve little to no downtime, a lower upfront cost, no anesthesia, and beautiful results. These services may be performed in conjunction with surgical procedures or on their own.

Although certain procedures are the most popular across the U.S., it’s much more important to choose the right option for your goals and your body, not just the latest trend. At Main Line Plastic Surgery, Dr. Raymond Jean is passionate about helping his patients find those options that achieve their cosmetic objectives. To arrange a consultation in Bryn Mawr, please call 484-222-0010.

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