Main Line Plastic Surgery Offers Emergency Plastic Surgery Services for Cuts and Facial Trauma

Why wait hours in the emergency room for stitches when you can have a plastic surgeon repair your cut and be out of the office in less than an hour? While the emergency room or urgent care is a great place for the treatment of certain injuries and illnesses, most cuts can be addressed more effectively, efficiently and with better outcomes directly in our office.

emergency plastic surgery care 0 When being seen in the ER, you may request a plastic surgeon to repair your injury. However, it may take hours before you are brought to a room and the plastic surgeon arrives, if they are even available to treat your laceration.

Skip the wait in the emergency room where you or your child are likely one of the lowest priorities due to the fact that there are many people with more serious issues who will be seen ahead of you. This is not a criticism of the emergency room or the excellent doctors who work there. It’s just a fact that they have to treat the most critically ill patients first. Being seen directly in our office also minimizes the risk of you or your child being exposed to other sick individuals and contracting their illness.

Providing Exceptional Emergency Plastic Surgery Care

Our facility provides a safe and clean environment with a staff and board-certified plastic surgeon dedicated to providing you the best possible care for your injury. Dr. Jean treats over 500 adults and children requiring stitches each year, providing the best possible outcome for minimizing scarring. He also specializes in the treatment of hand injuries and burns.

Dr. Jean is a husband and father of five little ones, and he prides himself on treating each patient as if they were family. Whether in the office or emergency department, he takes the time to explain the treatment process to both children and their parents. This makes a stressful situation a much more pleasant experience.

Should you need emergency treatment, simply contact our office at (484) 222-0010 to speak with our staff. Most of the time we are able to accommodate emergency appointments immediately.

Why Have a Plastic Surgeon Repair My Injury?

This is a common question Dr. Jean and the office staff are asked. When you go to the emergency room following a traumatic injury, you are typically evaluated by an ER doctor or physician assistant. Should they state that you need stitches, their primary goal is to close the wound in a timely manner in an effort to move on to other patients with more immediate needs. This is where patients fail to realize that they can request the on-call plastic surgeon to come close the wound if it’s located in an area, such as the face, where scarring is a concern.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jean’s sole focus is to repair an injury in a way that will minimize scarring. Although he cannot guarantee how an injury will heal, his focus is not just closing a laceration or injury, but on getting it to heal with the best possible appearance. If your concern is about how you or your child will look after the injury, it would be best to have a doctor whose main focus is on appearance take care of the injury.

Do You Places Stitches Differently than an Emergency Room Doctor or Pediatrician?

Most of the time, yes. Typically, Dr. Jean uses two layers of sutures, sometimes three if the laceration involves the repair of a muscle. The first layer of stitches placed is for reinforcement, and the second layer is to bring the edges of the skin together.

There are several decisions to make prior to placing stitches, such as:

  • What type of suture material to use?
  • How many layers of stitches need to be placed?
  • Do the wound edges need to be trimmed to provide the best possible healing and appearance?
  • Are there nerves, blood vessels or muscles in the area that also need to be repaired?
  • Is it best to use dissolving or non-dissolving stitches?

There are over 20 different types of materials that can be used for stitches, so it’s not only the technique that varies from physician to physician. Working with a plastic surgeon who carefully evaluates which of these materials will deliver the best outcome for your specific issue will significantly reduce the likelihood that your scar will cause you self-consciousness down the road.

Contact our Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

If you suffered a cut that requires emergency attention, Dr. Jean can provide you with the best possible outcome. Please call (484) 222-0010 and we will fit you in right away. Dr. Jean serves patients in Bryn Mawr, Villanova and throughout the Main Line of Philadelphia.

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