Is There a Way to Remove Bags Under My Eyes?

A woman looks in the mirror and pulls at her undereye bagsNo one likes the look of dark circles and baggy pockets of flesh beneath their eyes. If you experience this issue only occasionally – perhaps after a late night out or a poor night of sleep – then you may find the problem corrects itself after a day or so. But if these bags are persistent, it may be time to consider a surgical or non-surgical option provided by an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Reduce and Reshape the Bags with Eyelid Surgery

For under-eye bags that are relatively substantial and don’t go away, eyelid surgery may be the right option. In the lower eyelid procedure, the excess fat causing the bags is reduced and reshaped. It takes a skilled surgeon to remove just enough fat. Removing too much can result in a hollow under-eye appearance that is equally aging.

Dr. Raymond Jean will make an incision along the lower lash line or on the inner surface of the lower eyelid. The incision made on the eyelid itself is completely hidden. The lash line incision is virtually impossible for anyone to identify once it heals. The bags of fat are removed and reshaped through these incisions, leaving a smoother, brighter, more youthful under-eye appearance.

Dermal Fillers may be able to Smooth and Soften the Appearance of Under-Eye Bags

In some cases, dermal fillers may be able to soften the appearance of under-eye bags, although these injectables cannot remove the excess fat bags like eyelid surgery can.

The bags of under-eye fat are surrounded by deep troughs and hollows. Instead of addressing the bulging tissue, dermal fillers target the valleys surrounding the bulge (called the tear trough). By restoring volume to these areas, dermal fillers soften the transition around the under-eye bags. The puffiness may be less obvious as a result. Additionally, filling the trough may eliminate shadows that are exacerbating the bags.

Although dermal fillers can provide great results, those results are temporary. Depending on the type of filler used, the effect may last for several months to a year before the filler fades.

Discuss Your Options with Dr. Jean

Dr. Raymond Jean is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Main Line of Philadelphia. He is able to advise you on both surgical and non-surgical options for achieving your goals. If you are unhappy with the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles beneath your eyes, please arrange a consultation with Dr. Jean by calling us in Bryn Mawr at 484-222-0010.

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