Common Facial Filler Myths, Busted

iStock 1181806308 MYTH: Facial fillers make you age faster.

Fillers do not accelerate aging. If you stopped using filler, it’s true that – as the filler effects fade – you’d notice the signs of aging reappear. The signs of aging may look different than they did right before your filler treatment. Although fillers smooth wrinkles, they cannot stop the effect of gravity on your skin, so you will be seeing that effect once the filler fades.

MYTH: Facial fillers always make you look fake and artificial.

Facial fillers are tailored to the results you want. Some patients want a very subtle rejuvenation, while others want a more comprehensive approach. In the hands of an experienced injector, facial fillers should never make you look over-done or unnatural. That’s why it is so important to choose an experienced, skilled provider.

MYTH: Fillers are really inconvenient because of the number of touch-ups you have to get.

It is true that the effect of dermal fillers is temporary. By its nature, the active ingredients will break down over time; however, it could be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before you need another injection appointment to maintain the effect. The timeline depends on the type of filler used, the area in which it is injected, your activity level and other factors. And of course, some people choose not to get more injections and perhaps opt for a different rejuvenating treatment.

MYTH: Anyone is capable of injecting filler.

You may have seen dermal filler services advertised at your dentist’s or gynecologist’s office. While it’s true that these medical providers can legally provide dermal fillers, you should still consider your options. At Main Line Plastic Surgery, Dr. Raymond Jean is a board-certified plastic surgeon who works with an experienced, skilled injectable consultant. Aesthetics is what we do every day, and as such, our team is well-acquainted with these filler treatments. We know which fillers will achieve your desired results, and how to match your treatment plan to the look you want.

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