Best Way to Achieve Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation Results

The majority of women seeking breast augmentation at Main Line Plastic Surgery express a desire to achieve natural-looking results. In fact, many women will share concerns about going “too big” during their consultation. Dr. Jean takes these concerns very seriously and always strives to deliver an outcome that looks natural and enhances your overall figure.

In most instances, the best way to achieve natural-looking results is to choose a moderately sized breast implant that is appropriate for your body dimensions. In addition to achieving a more natural-looking result, choosing an implant that is proportionate to your overall body will help you avoid potential back and neck pain commonly associated with very large breasts, and it will enable you to more easily engage in your favorite athletic activities.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Jean will listen carefully to your concerns and goals in order to develop a customized breast augmentation treatment plan that will achieve your desired outcome. Using the Mentor sizing system, you will be able to try on sizers that will give you the ability to see what you would look like in your own clothing with different size breast implants. Patients enjoy this part of the consultation the most.

Characteristics Associated with Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation Results

breast augmentation results

There are several characteristics that are commonly associated with a natural breast appearance. Dr. Jean will strive to ensure these elements are achieved as part of your breast augmentation:

  • The majority of the volume is contained in the lower half of your breast
  • Your breasts have a mild slope and project towards the nipple
  • Your breasts don’t sit too high on your chest
  • Nipples are placed on the part of the breast with the most projection
  • Breasts remain the same distance apart as natural breasts, allowing for natural-looking cleavage that isn’t overly prominent
  • Breasts feel and move like natural breast tissue

How a Natural Breast Appearance is Achieved

Achieving a natural-looking breast appearance is as much an art as it is a science, and it’s important to work with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who has the skills to achieve your desired outcome. There is no concrete formula used to achieve natural-looking breast augmentation results as every woman is different. Instead, Dr. Jean will evaluate a variety of factors including your body type, the amount of natural breast tissue present and your desired final breast size in order to craft the right treatment plan for your unique situation.

Often, Dr. Jean will utilize one or more of the following techniques in order to help you achieve results that will look and feel natural:

  • Submuscular implant placement to ensure maximum coverage of the implant
  • Choosing a breast implant size that is in proper proportion with the rest of your body
  • Limiting the width of the breast implant
  • Using specific breast implants in situations where there is minimal natural breast tissue present to avoid the appearance of rippling
  • Choosing an implant profile to match your desired appearance
  • Choosing a silicone gel or “gummy bear” breast implant that most often looks and feels more natural than a saline implant (saline implants are offered for those patients who do not want a silicone implant)

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