Are Tummy Tuck Scars Permanent?

A close up of a woman's tight belly showing beneath a sweater and tight jeansLike all surgical procedures, a tummy tuck is performed with incisions. This precise surgical cut made in the skin removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen. Surgeons like Dr. Raymond Jean complete years and years of training and experience to become adept at making incisions safely, effectively, and with the most minimal scarring possible.

Yes, tummy tuck scars are permanent. Although the appearance will mature in the time after the surgery, the scars will never completely go away. The vast majority of patients feel that the scar is an acceptable tradeoff for a flatter, smoother tummy.

What Will Abdominoplasty Scars Look Like?

The scarring depends on the type of tummy tuck. A traditional full tummy tuck uses a slightly curved horizontal scar, stretching from hip to hip. There is also a circular scar around the belly button. The lateral scar is placed in a location that will be concealed by most types of undergarments and bikinis.

If you receive a mini tummy tuck instead, the scar extends horizontally across the pubic area and is not as long as the scar from a full tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck is suitable only if you have a small amount of excess tissue isolated to the area below the belly button.

The incision will be red and raised after surgery. This is a natural process and it means your body is boosting collagen in the area in order to heal your skin. The scar will continue to mature over time. It can take a year for it to fully mature. Once fully mature, the scar will look thinner, flatter, and closer to the natural skin color than it did right after surgery.

Minimizing the Scars Whenever Possible

Scarring is genetic to a large extent. The way a scar looks on your skin will be different from other people, but may be similar to the way your parents or other family members scar. In that sense, the final appearance is somewhat out of your control.

We will provide you with complete instructions for scar care, which may include scar creams and silicone sheeting. These things help the scar heal well.

How to Decide if You Want a Tummy Tuck

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