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How to Prepare for a Liposuction Procedure

March 08, 2021
If you are planning to have liposuction surgery, there are a few ways you can prepare for the procedure. Whether you are having a traditional liposuction or SmartLipo procedure performed, Dr. Raymond Jean can provide you with pre-operative guidelines to help make recovery easier. Prior to your… Read Full Post

What is Included in a Mommy Makeover?

February 12, 2021
Depending on your unique needs, a mommy makeover can include different procedures that address specific areas of your body. Whether you want to improve the fullness of your breasts or remove excess fat, Dr. Raymond Jean can help create a fully custom mommy makeover that restores your self-… Read Full Post

Common Facial Filler Myths, Busted

January 11, 2021
MYTH: Facial fillers make you age faster. Fillers do not accelerate aging. If you stopped using filler, it’s true that – as the filler effects fade – you’d notice the signs of aging reappear. The signs of aging may look different than they did right before your filler treatment. Although fillers… Read Full Post

What Kind of Procedures Can You Get Done With Facial Fat Transfer?

November 11, 2020
Facial fat transfer involves the removal of fat from an area of the body where you’d like less of it, such as the abdomen or thighs, and the reinjection of that processed and purified fat into targeted areas of the face where you’d like more youthful volume. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr.… Read Full Post

How Many Sizes Can You Go Down With Breast Reduction?

October 23, 2020
For many women, overly-large breasts can cause a multitude of physical issues, including neck and back pain, breathing problems, nerve pain, irritation and rashes beneath the breasts, and posture issues. Excessively large breasts can also restrict a woman’s individual lifestyle and make it… Read Full Post

What Is Facial Reconstruction Surgery?

August 26, 2020
Facial reconstruction is a blanket term used to describe a variety of procedures performed to restore the form and function of a patient’s face with abnormalities caused by a birth defect, illness, or trauma. Successful facial reconstruction may be achieved through a specific surgery or a… Read Full Post

Gynecomastia: What You Need to Know

July 24, 2020
Gynecomastia, a condition that results in excessive male breast tissue, affects over 50% of men at some point in their lifetime. If large male breasts cause you embarrassment and negatively impact your self-esteem, Dr. Jean can perform male breast reduction to restore a more masculine appearance.… Read Full Post

How Is a Tummy Tuck Performed?

March 17, 2020
A tummy tuck is performed to help restore a more toned, flat stomach appearance. During the procedure, excess skin and fat are removed, and loose abdominal muscles are tightened in order to achieve your desired appearance. While Dr. Jean will customize your tummy tuck to address your unique needs… Read Full Post

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer: A Natural Alternative to Breast Implants

February 25, 2020
If you’d like to increase the size and/or improve the shape of your breasts, you have a variety of breast augmentation options. While breast implants are the most common method used to enhance the appearance of your breasts, this technique isn’t right for everyone. If you’d prefer to avoid… Read Full Post

What Is a SMAS Facelift?

January 17, 2020
The SMAS lift is an advanced facelift technique that specifically addresses the lower two thirds of the facial region. By targeting the support layers of facial tissue, the SMAS facelift can achieve effective, long-lasting facial rejuvenation results. The superficial muscular aponeurotic system (… Read Full Post